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Pricing is based on the size of your accommodation provider business. All pricing plans include an initial setup set of questions and answers based on an example accommodation service provider, unlimited 24/7 conversations, lead capture and metrics.

Examples of accommodation providers, Independent Hotel, Onsite Managers (Operators of Management Rights), Real Estate Agents managing multiple properties, Professional Airbnb Hosts with their own independent website, Hostels (1 bed = 1 room for pricing purposes), Holiday Parks (1 site = 1 room for pricing purposes), Bed and Breakfasts, amongst others

All pricing plans exclude an initial setup fee, which depends on the size of the property and the setup work required. We offer four pricing tiers based on the number of rooms.

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All prices are monthly. We also offer an annual payment option which is approximately 20% cheaper than the monthly plan.

We also offer custom solutions for groups of accommodation providers (eg Resorts, branded hotels amongst others) contact us to discuss further.

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