Smart Digital Assistant
for Accommodation Providers

We Provide a Digital Assistant leveraging conversational Artificial Intelligence trained by Accommodation Providers for Accommodation Providers

A digital assistant is a predictive chatbot, an advanced computer program that simulates a conversation with the people who use it, typically over the Internet. It is an advanced type of chatbot that can handle more complex interactions in a conversational way.

Unlike simple chatbots, a digital assistant can access multiple sources of information based on the context of the conversation as it progresses. It is effectively conversational artificial intelligence

Gartner predicts 70% of organizations will integrate AI to assist staff productivity by 2021*

We Collect
High Quality Leads

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What Our Digital Assistant will do for Your Accommodation Business​​

Save you money

Enables 24/7 online connection (via any device) between prospective guests and the business in a personal way without the time and expense of multiple live representatives

Provide better service

Automate FAQs, amongst others, quickly answer questions that guests ask frequently, eg about accommodation information, availability and rates*, how to book, and other information.

Avoid mistakes

Accurate approved answers and information can be conveyed to maintain consistent messaging.

Scale at will

Ability to provide a more humanlike, personalized proactive responsive service to many guests simultaneously – minimize missed revenue opportunities due to busy phone lines or operators.

Provide Insights

Gather insights from conversations to continually improve the user/guest experience, and see patterns in what they are looking for and when.

Promote offers

Relevant offers can be advised to guests as and when appropriate in the conversation.

Grow Direct Bookings

If you secure just four or five more direct bookings a day, an estimate this could lead to $28,000 plus per annum for your accommodation businesses bottom line. Direct bookings also have less costs, and less commissions, and you can set your own terms and conditions, eg security deposits.

How Our Digital Assistant works ​

Guest Perspective

  • Ability to get answers to FAQs easily and quickly
  • Ability to interactively ask questions and facilitate online booking via website*
  • To get a feel for how this can work for your business, feel free to interact as a potential guest with the Smart Digital Assistant on existing customer site,

Back Office Perspective

  • Website - Add a couple of lines of code to your existing website to enable our Digital Assistant Widget.
  • Knowledgebase - Access provided to portal where you can train/further personalize your Digital Assistant by encoding questions and answers (eg about policies, property features (eg about the room, bookings, amenities, discounts, promotions), local information amongst others and relevant links to multiple sources of information (eg images, links, and text) as appropriate.
  • PMS - Integration with your existing PMS – contact for further details.

Who is using our Digital Assistant

Licensed Real Estate Agent / Accommodation Agency)

Property Management System (PMS)

What Clients Say About Us

This is very helpful to both our guests and to us as a business. Amongst many others, its an immense time-saver. Guests can quickly ask questions and get responses with useful context, enabling them to resolve any doubts and, to book immediately. Valuable staff time is freed up to focus on providing other services. Love it! Cannot imagine going back to the old way of doing things, and cant wait to see the new features currently being developed.

Star Ante

Operations Manager, Apartment Stay